Sunset Strip, the 1.7 mile stretch of Sunset Boulevard, has an amazing history. It would become the very heart of rock'n'roll, with its world- famous handpainted billboards unveiling music's latest superstars. Sign O' The Times tells the Strip's story through Robert Landau's photographs and the words of artists, managers, visionaries and music industry insiders.



PHAT TUESDAYS is a comedic sketch show hosted by Guy Torry. He hosts alongside guest celebrities such as Kristen Wiig, Tiffany Haddish and Keegan Micheal Key. Snoop Dogg, Tiesto and Paris Hilton make question appearances as DJs. The cast performs various sketches with some up and coming comedians. Back in 1995 Guy created, produced and hosted Phat Comedy Tuesdays at the world famous Comedy Store. Guy wanted to bring the “hood” to Hollywood by showcasing up and coming black talent. Phat Tuesdays rejuvenates Guy Torry’s 1990s Phat Comedy Tuesdays.

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GO FEVER Since Ben-Hur used speed as a weapon while fighting for his freedom in a chariot, courageous men and women wired on maximum velocity have put themselves in jeopardy pursuing fame and immortality by punching through the barriers of technology, safety, and human endurance. Hell-bent on glory in the discipline known as motorsports, many perished. Moreover, those who survived learned an unexpected lesson: Winning comes at a cost.

HAMMERTREE & SONS Clueless country bumpkins relocate to the big city of Atlanta and delude themselves into believing they’re an elite team of Private Investigators. Hammertree’s, (aka The Boss), attempt to become the world’s greatest P.I. or at least solve the latest case. Trailer Park Boys on a mission or Eastbound And Down meets The Rockford Files — set to the soundtrack of "O Brother Where Art Thou?").


SEX: The Last Taboo The notion of love, tantric bonding, romance novels… is it all a fantasy? Do films and media create unrealistic expectations? What are the needs for each gender? How difficult is it to trust your date, do they want to find chemistry, or do they have other motives? This docuseries will explore today’s social changes and movements which occupy today’s headlines so frequently.